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this forum is created to discuss poker in its entirety. no matter what type of tables you play at; be it stainless steel, virtual or wooden, break the game down here!
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Now that all changes, improvements, deletions and revisions have been made behind closed doors, it's been a long awaited 5 months! Pokertime is now ready for newcomers, passersby, comments, discussions, and much more. Make sure to promote the link and get the word out. It all starts with you..yes, you Smile

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 Rules & Regs

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PostSubject: Rules & Regs   Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:32 pm

Here are some rules that govern us whilst at Poker's Definity in which your expected to follow when on the forum. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action(s). Please read them carefully for full comprehension and to have a good time.

Spamming: Please don't

Content: At all costs, keep the posts clean. As in, treat our community site as if your 15yr old daughter visited here.

Advertising: You are only allowed to advertise your forum in the 'Forum Promotion' section. Anywhere else is not tolerated.

Backseat Moderating: Please do not moderate other users if you are not a Moderator. Although you are doing so in good faith, you are most likely to start a flame war due to your actual lack of rank.

Respect: Your posts should be respectful to everyone and they should not incite any hatred or racial discrimination. Treat everyone fairly and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Simple as that.


Avatar: Your avatar should be suitable on this forum i.e. not too big and the content should not be inappropriate.

Signature: Your signature should be suitable on this forum i.e. not too big and the content should not be inappropriate.

Private Messages: Do not misuse the PM system by sending things such as illegal / inappropriate content. It is also forbidden to advertise through PMs. Of course, we cannot read PMs but should you receive an offensive PM please report it.


**Plea for Promotion: Please do not ask to become a member of authority; i.e Admin or Mod. This will simply ruin your chances as it seems that you are more interested in the rank rather than the reasons behind the rank.

Report System: The report system is there for your benefit for you to report problems to a Moderator to deal with. You should not abuse the report system by sending in faux reports.

Language: Here, we are a primarily English speaking community. However, if you prefer to speak in a different language, pm me or a member of authority and we will work something out with you.

Activity: We would appreciate it if you were active on this forum and that you actually participate in our discussions. Please also promote Poker's Definity and tell a friend!

Impersonation of Staff Members: It is against our rules for ANYONE to pretend to be a user of authority. Only trust members with a bold and colored username to be members of authority.

The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Please check back regularly to remind yourself of the rules and to also stay out of trouble! We have these rules so that you can have a good time here at Poker's Definity.

Disciplinary steps

*We do occasionally mess up, but we must accept the consequences and move on. Below are the punishments that you can receive for breaking the rules.

Reminder: Easily attainable punishment to those who are/have done something very minute. Reminders are handed out when a minor rule has been broken and that the offence is not too severe. Three reminders of any kind turn into a warning.

Warning: This is handed out when three or more reminders are accumulated on your account. Two of these will result in a private message from an Admin advises that your on thin ice of being removed.

Ban: This is handed out when a member has accumulated enough warnings and reminders.

Avatar Removal: This is handed out if after being told to remove your avatar and you fail do so within 24 hours. You lose the right to display an avatar.

ChatBox ban: We will not hesitate to ban a member for ridiculous behavior in the chat box.

PM Disabled: This is handed out if you misuse the PM system. You lose the right to send private messages.

**Remember, as our community grows, there will be such a demand for Moderators, and even the possibility of me adding a new rank for extra support. As i feel that a candidate is suitable for promotion, i will give you a trial run, then send a pm where you can either accept or deny. "Don't call us, we'll call you"

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Rules & Regs
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